• Dorixina TMR 125mg. 14 tablets

Dorixina It is indicated as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory in patients with acute or chronic pain. Soft tissue disorders, headache, otalgia, sinusitis and herpes zoster. Pain and gynecological, orthopedic, urological and general surgery interventions. Pain due to trauma in general, dislocations, sprains, fractures, myalgia, low back pain, myositis, polyarthritis and periarthritis. Dysmenorrhea, mastalgia, adnexitis, postpartum pain and postepisotomy urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis and urolithiasis. Toothache and periodontitis. Pain from hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas and in proctological surgery.

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Dorixina TMR 125mg. 14 tablets

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Tags: Tramadol, Pain, Anti-inflamatory, Surgery